Bicycle Rack IKS ONE

Stojan na kola IKS ONE

Unrestricted Placement

Three-point wheel fixation, limited mobility against frame damage and other excellent features have been inherited from the predecessor IKS. But the IKS ONE bike rack adds a significant advantage. It allows a free placement in the space – defined by you.

Stojan na kola IKS ONE stání v kruhu

The IKS ONE bike rack does not need to be set just in a straight line, but it is also possible to copy any curve using the individual stands. For example, you can place it around a tree.

Stojan na kola IKS ONE oboustranné stání

Double-sided parking is a matter of course. It is a very effective use of larger and open spaces.

Stojan na kola IKS ONE šikmé stání

Angle parking will save you space and the bike is easy to handle.

Do you have any further ideas on how to place the bike racks? Inspire us and other users how the IKS ONE stand can be used.

Dimensions and Weight

Stojan na kola IKS ONE rozměry

Weight: 9,5kg


Steel structure welded from 60×20 mm bent square tube and strip steel.

Hot-dip galvanized or painted with powder coating according to the RAL sampler on hot-dip zinc.

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