About us


Our family business was established in the Czech Republic in the spring of 2001. From the very beginning we were committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers based on trustworthiness.


We design, manufacture, sell, and mount furniture not only for public places in towns or small and big cities. We also continue to provide supplies and traffic signage services.


Being the best in what we offer and deliver is our goal.The life of our products exceeds the warranty and we commit to continue increasing it.


Our products fulfill their purpose that they were made for. Projects, technology and design are subject to it. We offer only what we know to do. We do not promise anything we can not accomplish.


Our products are designed for spaces with a high demand of resistance. The construction of our products and all technologies guarantee maximum endurance while maintaining affordability.


We seek our own expression of aesthetics always respecting the space, in which the products are intended to be embedded. We always honor and do not copy the products of our competitors.

From our Production

We are a Czech manufacturing company.

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