How Our Products Are Made

Our products are designed mainly for outdoor areas, often public ones, where not only their resistance to weather conditions is extensively tested, but also their resistance to damage caused by vandalism. We care about the quality of our products, which is why we pay close attention to the production processes in our workshops and choose production technologies that guarantee their longevity.

From Pig Iron to the Finished Product

The production of the steel parts of our products begins with the processing of metallurgical material and precise shaped fired items.

Locksmith Workshop

In our locksmith workshop, the first form of parts of the final product is born. The zinc plating in cavities is already taken into account during the design. The drain holes must not harm the beauty of the final product. Accuracy must be taken into account throughout the production process and the subsequent deformation of the weld must be prevented not only during welding.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Because high resistance to corrosion and abrasion is important for our products, the welded semi-finished products travel to the hot-dip galvanizing plant. Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface treatment for steel, where after a preliminary degreasing the steel is immersed in a liquid melt of zinc with a temperature of 450-460 °C. The zinc coating forms an alloy with the steel. It is inseparably connected to the steel and thus creates a maximally resistant surface. By immersion, zinc also gets into the cavities, ensuring that corrosion does not occur even from the inside of the products.The resistance of the galvanizing depends on the conditions to which it is exposed. Hot-dip zinc can be a final surface treatment, but it is not considered aesthetic, rather a technical surface treatment.

Powder Coating

If you prefer a painted surface, you choose a color shade from our books of designs, and the semi-finished products travel to the paint shop where powder coating will take place. After the preparatory treatments of the galvanized surface and application of powder paint, the paint hardens in the kiln, most often at a temperature of 180 °C.

Our products are given a so-called duplex coating, a combination of two different surface treatments which together form a cohesive, compact, and durable protective surface for metals in order to resist rust. By following the correct technological procedures, a service life of about 30 to 50 years can be achieved, depending on the corrosive environment.

Quality Wood

The second key material used in most of our products is wood. Due to their resistance in the outdoor environment, we mainly use acacia and oak wood. Both trees are naturally weather resistant and hard.

Timber Selection

The wood arrives to us in cut boards and our skilled carpenters take charge of it. After basic sorting and shortening, they travel to the carpentry workshop.

Carpentry Workshop

The carpenters cut the boards into profiles for maximum yield. The basic formatting is followed by levelling, thickening, shortening to exact lengths and possibly milling the edges.

Bioboards for the Bicycle Box

For the production of our bicycle boxes, we use a spruce cross-glued three-layer bioboard, which is processed into precise shapes.

Perfectly Smooth Surface

Each wooden semi-finished product is thoroughly sanded so that its surface is safe and pleasant to the touch, also due to the adhesion of any final coating.

Varnishing Wood

Some customers prefer uncoated wood on our products, which acquires a natural grey patina in the outdoor environment.

For a longer wood life, we recommend treating the wood with oil glaze, which protects it from the weather. In order for the glaze to fulfil its purpose, it must be regularly renewed. The wood then lasts in great condition for a long time. Our painters apply the glaze in two layers, and you can choose the color shade from our books of design.


Stainless Steel Fasteners

When we have finished metal and wooden semi-finished products, it is time to complete the final product. We assemble exclusively with stainless steel fasteners to ensure that no corrosion occurs.

Assembly Workshop

In our assembly workshop, the finished product will be born – ready for dispatch to you.

We are very pleased that you trust us and that the products from our workshop are used in public spaces, as well as on the private premises of companies and households.