Bicycle Rack Tubo

Maximum Safety for Your Bike

The Tubo bike rack is designed to minimize the possibility of theft. Just to give you an idea – a 60mm diameter tube embedded 400mm depth into a concrete base. Now it only depends on your lock resistance.

Maximum Safety for You

The material circular cross-section and the circular shape of the rack do not form any edges. When locking the bike, you cannot get injured by touching any sharp edge of the rack. Everything is rounded.

For All Type of Bicycles

The shape of the circle does not define where the wheel should be supported. Whether you have a MTB or a folding bike, you can always find two supporting points on the circle.

Everyone Knows How to Lock a Bike

The rack weldment forms a closed circle. It is not possible to remove the lock any way. A detail in the form of the bike pictogram clearly indicates what the circle is intended for.



Steel weldment.

Hot-dip galvanized or painted with facade powder coating according to the RAL sampler on hot-dip zinc.

The powder coating colour according to our RAL sampler. Other colours on request.

Surface Finishing

The base of the surface is hot-dip zinc. Thus, a protection of about 80 microns is also provided in the cavities of the structure. The construction can then be varnished with a powder coating. The resulting duplex layer has a total thickness of about 200 microns. All technological processes guarantee quality and durability up to 50 years in the exterior.


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