Lounger Iconi

Lounger from the Iconi Series

Maybe you already know our Iconi benches. To complement this collection of outdoor furniture, we have also created loungers.

Design in Every Detail

When designing all products, we think about every detail so that we are satisfied with the result. We realize that the beauty of a product lies in the details.

See for yourself in our video.

Product Family

The Iconi outdoor furniture collection includes several options for benches, loungers, armchairs, tables and stools. All products complement each other and, thanks to their timeless design, fit into any environment.

There Are No Limits When It Comes to Color

As a direct manufacturer, we can afford to offer you any color of metal sides according to the RAL color standard. The wood coating can also be adjusted according to our book of designs.

Suitable for all spaces

With its classic shape combined with modern elements, the Iconi lounger will accent the outdoor spaces of cities, towns and villages. However, it is not just limited to public spaces. It can also make you happy in the shade of the trees in your garden or together with other Iconi elements on your house’s terrace.

Safe Anchoring

While this is not obvious at first glance, Iconi lounger can be anchored without any problems in several ways. The first option is hidden no dismountable anchoring, the second option is the classic anchor on the flange under or on tiles..

Laths or planks?

Ketchup or mustard? Everyone prefers something different. That is why we also give you a choice whether you want planks or laths for your new furniture.

Iconic shape

The steel tube sides deck char into an iconic shape clearly announce that this is a modern lounger. Although the deck chair looks airy and light, the bent metal construction and wooden slats ensure its high strength and durability.



Construction welded from 30 mm diameter steel bent pipes.

Cast iron painted with facade powder coating. Steel painted with facade powder coating according to the RAL sampler on the hot-dip galvanized underlay.

The colour of the powder coating according to our RAL standard sampler. Other colours on request.


Laths of 32× 32mm made of acacia wood or a combination of wider planks 73x30 mm and narrower laths 30x30 mm.

Wood in two variations – treated with protective finishing glaze or without it. Glaze color according to our OSMO sampler.


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