Bicycle Locker CYKLOBOX

Safe Bicycle Storage and Locking

Do you need cyclists to be able to lock their bikes for a long time without the necessity of checking on them all the time? This way they could visit cultural monuments, aqua parks or shopping centres without fear. Or they would have a chance to come on bike to the train station, leave it there and then continue by train.

CYKLOBOX allows 2-bicycles parking and storage of helmets and luggage.

Sophisticated Construction and Roof Design

The steel structure ensures the firmness of the locker, the sidewalls and door made from bio-board, which colour can be selected according to the OSMO sampler, provide a very unique appearance. The curved roof made of trapezoidal steel sheet allows perfect water drainage. Thanks to adjustable legs, the bike lockers can be also placed in uneven terrain.

Box Locking in Three Options

1. The FAB lock type

FAB lock security class 3 with a card.

This option is appropriate where a cyclist can lend a key, either paying or free of charge.

2. The coin operated locker

It is an self-service system, the key cannot be removed without inserting a coin. Users will park their bicycle before entering a coin into the slot. This then allows the cyclist to remove a key to the locker. On return to the locker to retrieve one’s bicycle, the first order of business is to insert the key which is then captured back in the door. The coin is also returned to the cyclist and they are able to retrieve their bicycle. The standard version is of 1 EURO coin.

3. Electronic lock

Electronic lock equipped with a keyboard and RFID reader. Three different locking modes can be selected:

mode for public spaces – the use of the box is not limited, the cyclist chooses to lock using the keyboard or reader

mode for schools, companies – only the reader together with the cards or chips for which the reader is tested can be used for locking. The keyboard is intended only for service.

mode for registered people – only the reader can be used for locking together with the cards or chips that are defined in the given box. The keyboard is intended only for service.

Bicycle Box with an Electronic Lock

Bicycle boxes with an electronic lock are complemented by a service panel in which the security and backup systems are located.

Electronic locks are backed up by default for 24 hours.

If one lock fails, the others continue to function as the electronic locks are independent of each other.

One service panel is used for a maximum of 10 boxes next to each other. It is located at the left or right end of a row of boxes. If the row of boxes is longer, there are two service panels located at both ends of the row, or only one service panel can be used which is found in the middle of the row of boxes (maximum 10 boxes on each side of the panel).

Bicycle boxes with an electronic lock are equipped with a triple socket (if they are not powered from public lighting) and LED lighting with motion detection.

Three-Point Secure Lock System

The Cyklobox doors are reinforced for strength and safety by a strong steel frame. The three-point secure system protects the door against thieves. The robust profiles of the locking mechanism slide out into three different sides, making the locking really safe. Cyklobox doors are secured against their obstruction and also against spontaneous door opening caused by the wind for example.

Doors can be right or left opening. By default, we produce the right handed, the left opening upon request.

Cyklobox Equipment

This bike locker is equipped with two rails for parking two bikes. If the box is intended for storing something else, such as a pram or luggage, it can be equipped with a galvanized steel grate instead of rails.

Four hooks for hanging bike helmets and luggage.

Right or Left Door Opening

The opening of the door can be adapted to the given space so that access to the boxes is convenient. By default, we produce the right handed, the left opening upon request.

CYKLOBOX lockers can stand either individually or in a row.


When placing lockers in a row, the width of the first Cyklobox would be 1035 mm and 960 mm of each additional.

Dimensions of the bicycle box with an electronic lock and service box:


The steel structure reinforces the entire locker and door. Surface treatment of hot-dip zinc.

Sidewalls and doors made of 27 mm thick three-layer bioboard treated with protective finishing glaze. Glaze color according to our OSMO sampler.

Roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal painted on both sides, thickness 0.75 mm baked coating on both sides. Roof coating RAL 9006 silver aluminum, on request available in RAL 9002 grey-white, RAL8012 dark red, RAL5010 blue, or RAL 3000 red.


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