Curved Backless Bench Foca

Lavička Foca spirála upr2

An Arc or A Line

The curved bench extends the Foca furniture line and can be circular or straight.

Lavička Foca tři poloměry zaoblení

Radius of Curvature

The three basic curvature radius types allow plenty of creative possibilities.

Zaoblená lavička Foca základní a rozšířující

Basic and Expanding Segment

We produce a basic bench with two legs and an extension piece with a single leg. To build a coherent circle, it takes 8 expanding segments that are tied together. To build any open shape, you’ll always need one basic piece and the corresponding number of expanders.

zaoblená lavička foca detail zaoblení latí

Curved Laths for Your Comfort

All Foca benches have a common element, all laths are curved by a 30mm radius. You can also find this detail in the curved bench. It’s not just a beautifying element, but a functional detail that greatly enhances the comfort of all Foca benches.

Lavička Foca zaoblená v různých kompozicích

Let’s Not Be Afraid of Our Own Imagination


The curved bench is extremely versatile for a plethora of compositions.

vypalovaný lak

Surface Finishing

The base of the surface is hot-dip zinc. Thus, a protection of about 80 microns is also provided in the cavities of the structure. The construction can then be varnished with a powder coating. The resulting duplex layer has a total thickness of about 200 microns. All technological processes guarantee quality and durability up to 50 years in the exterior.


Rozměry zaoblené lavičky Foca

Radius: 1000/1500/2000mm

Lenght: 1210/1564/1918mm

Widht:  854/1000/1147mm


The basic central leg of a square tube of 50x50mm, longitudinal batten of steel cinder and flat bars. Hot-dip galvanized steel or painted with facade powder coating according to the RAL sampler on hot-dip galvanized underlay.

Powder coating colour according to our RAL standard sampler. Other colours on request.


Lath of 30mm made of acacia wood.

Wood in two variations – treated with protective finishing glaze or without it. Glaze colour according to our OSMO sampler.

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