Bicycle Rack IKS

Stojan na kola IKS titulní

Stable Parking Without Lacing Damage

The simple-looking but detailed design of the bicycle rack makes it easy to park and at the same time protects the bike lacing from any possible damage. Besides it looks great!

Stojan na kola IKS tři opěrné body

Three Support Points

Just as the circle is defined by three points, we can define the wheel shell as well. We used this fact when creating the stand geometry. The resulting structure safely fixes the front or rear wheels in a vertical position.

Thanks to the three support points system, the wheel is leaned on the shell. The wheel lacing may touch the stand. All supporting forces, however, are transmitted directly to the shell around its periphery.

Stojan na kola IKS nepoškozuje rám

It Doesn’t Interfere with the Wheel Disc or Other Parts

The bicycle has a very limited mobility in the rack. This prevents the brake discs or any part of the frame from touching the stand construction. This makes it virtually impossible to damage the bicycle.

The bicycle can also be parked by putting the rear wheel in the rack. Even in this case, no part of the frame or gear shifter is damaged.

Stojan na kola IKS střídavé parkování

Easy Row Parking

When parking the bicycle by the front and rear wheels alternately, the bikes do not interfere even with their handlebars. We found an effective way to store comfortably multiple bikes in a limited parking space.

The high construction of the rack not only creates a third supporting point, but also makes it easier to lock the bike frame.


This bicycle rack has been created with great emphasis on its functional value. At the same time, however, we also considered all the details that enhanced its appearance. We have succeeded in combining the functionality with a clean and unmistakable design.

Notice the rounded edges and hidden part joinings, for example.



Dimensions and Weight

Stojan na kola IKS rozměry

Lenght and Weight :

2 bikes rack 785mm, 22,2kg

3 bikes rack 1225mm, 31,8kg

4 bikes rack 1665mm, 41,4kg

5 bikes rack 2105mm, 51kg

every additional rack + 440mm, 9,6kg


Steel structure composed of segments. The individual segments are welded from a 60×20 mm bent square tube and strip steel.

Hot-dip galvanized or painted with facade powder coating according to the REAL sampler on hot-dip zinc.

The powder coating colour according to our RAL sampler. Other colours on request.

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