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We have decided to go against time. To take a look in history to find a bench whose likeness is incomparable with any other. This is the classic one you all know.

The side rails made from the steel tube bent into an iconic shape clearly define that it is a modern bench. Although the bench acts airy and lightly, the bent metal construction and 32x32mm wooden slats ensure its high strength and durability.

Classic Design

The wooden slats provide comfort, gentle and light appearance. The ending of the seat and backrest with a curved arc gives the bench its character.

lavička iconi detail

Safe Anchoring

While this is not obvious at first glance, Iconi benches can be anchored without any problems in several ways. The first option is hidden no dismountable anchoring, the second option is the classic anchor on the flange under or on tiles.

lavička iconi

The Iconi park benches can be easily changed by using different colours. We offer both classical furniture suitable for parks, town and villages squares, as well as playful features for playgrounds.

sestava iconi 1840x600
barevnost iconi 1840x600

The Iconi bench with its classic shape combined with modern elements underscores the outdoor spaces of cities and towns. It is not limited to public spaces. It can also bring you delight in the shade of trees in your garden or together with other Iconi elements on the terrace of your home.

Dimensions and Weight

Iconi rozměry


Lenght: 600/1200/1800mm


Backless Bench: 11,8/17,9/24,5kg

Backrest Bench: 21,4/31,7/43kg


Construction welded from 30mm diameter steel bent pipes.

Cast iron painted with facade powder coating. Steel painted with facade powder coating according to the RAL sampler on the hot-dip galvanized underlay.

The colour of the powder coating according to our RAL standard sampler. Other colours on request.

Seat and Backrest

Laths of 32× 32mm made of acacia wood.

Wood in two variations – treated with protective finishing glaze or without it. Glaze color according to our OSMO sampler.

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