We Love Wood

stromy 1840x1035

…wood is a naturally beautiful material and it’s a piece of life around us. It has its own history, expressed in colour, rings, knots. Soil and habitat affects the density of the rings and the colour of wood. Wood has its characteristic smell. Wood is always nice to touch in winter or in summer.

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We Like Complaints …

rozbitá lavička

Yes it’s right. Of course, we are pleased if they are as few as possible, but each complaint has helped us to move forward. It is said that “there is no shame in not knowing” and it also applies to us. We are trying to take insights from everything around us, and even the complaints are a source of experience that help us to improve.

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What Is a Duplex Surface?

žárový zinek

You can find it in 99% of our products. We can guarantee a lifetime of up to 50 years in the exterior. In general, the duplex surface means a combination of two different surface treatments that results in total lifetime extension given by the sum of the lifetime of the individual methods. In our case it’s underlying hot-dip zinc and subsequent UV-resistant powder paint coating.

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